With our human-centered design approach, we keep people at the heart of what we do.

storm harnesses the full power of the design thinking process to help clients question their services and products. In doing so, they get a better understanding of their market and personal goals, and we can craft digital solutions that add value to their business and result in an experience that attracts customers.

User Experience

See things from our customers' perspectives


Create a strong and appealing design language.


Develop a rock-solid code base.

Product strategy

Understand your business and define viable goals.

Solutions & Skills


Using design thinking and a user-centered approach, your storm team will analyze your challenge from all angles and come up with unique, viable solutions to take action on.


We roll up our sleeves and get down to business creating a strategy for the selected solution. This is where we play around with user experience and design while sticking to requirements.

Eye of the storm

Building on the ideas and strategies generated in the previous two steps, your storm team will begin taking action to create, deliver and implement your customized solution. While the user is always at the center of what we do, our customers never come second and you will always be kept in the loop.

  • Intranet
  • Tailored web applications
  • CMS, Website
  • Landing pages
  • E-commerce
  • Project direction & strategy
  • Branding
  • Corporate identity
  • Corporate language

Toys we play with

Our stormers have a toy chest full of tools, services and methodologies that they use to help clients reduce chaos, overcome challenges and create something of value.

User testing
design thinking

Our values


We see the world through different lenses – those of colleagues, clients, end users, and current and prospective customers. By taking a “people first” approach, we imagine solutions that are inherently desirable and meet explicit or hidden needs.

Integrative thinking

We use analytical processes and take advantage of our ability to see all the significant – and sometimes contradictory – aspects of a challenging problem to come up with unique solutions that build on existing alternatives.


The increasing complexity of products, services and experiences has replaced the myth of a lone creative genius with the reality of an enthusiastic interdisciplinary collaborator. The storm team doesn’t just work alongside other disciplines. We work WITH highly talented individuals who have their own areas of expertise and experience in a wide range of industries and subjects.


No matter how challenging the constraints of a given problem, at least one potential solution is better than the existing alternatives. We remain positive while we experiment. Significant innovations don’t come from incremental tweaks. We pose questions and explore constraints in creative ways that proceed in entirely new directions.


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