At our creative agency, we use our brains to storm a challenge, with each stormer tackling the same objective.

Choose your players

storm creates teams to fit your specific needs. Depending on the challenges or challenge you would like to tackle, we’ll put together a team of stormers that can combine forces and use a design thinking process to innovate and implement a solution just for you. Our web developer, designer, UX researcher, copywriter and other creative professionals are at your service.

Samantha Oberholzer

Copywriter English - German Biel, Switzerland

Mathieu Latin

Web Developer French - English Lausanne, Switzerland

Vincent Gschwindemann

Designer French - English Lausanne, Switzerland

Adrian Rast

Designer, Illustrator German - English Zürich, Switzerland

Michael Barbezat

Consultant, Project Manager French - English - German Lausanne, Switzerland

Stéphane Goetz

Consultant, Software Architect French - English - German Lausanne, Switzerland

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