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An e-learning app to help French-speaking students

vokapi is an e-learning mobile app that helps students in the Swiss Romandy ace their English language tests. The idea started when one of our team members created a very early version to help his dyslexic son practice English vocabulary in a way that worked for him. Our team saw it as a real opportunity and we ran with the idea, creating vokapi and tailoring it to the PER. We wanted students to be able to practice exactly the words they encounter on their tests while learning at their own pace.

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the storm team

“The education industry has always interested the storm team, and we’re excited that we have created something for students in Switzerland. vokapi has a huge amount of potential and students, educators and parents can certainly look forward to seeing this project grow.”

The tools we played with

Workshopping was a key tool during the early stages of the project. We needed to make sure that our product was meeting actual needs. We also conducted user research by interviewing students, parents and teachers in the French- and German-speaking parts of Switzerland to learn about their methods for studying and teaching and how English lessons were conducted in the classroom. After our USPs and business model had been established, we moved on to design and development. Finally, we focused on marketing and building relationships with educators and students who would introduce vokapi to their classrooms.

Vokapi Demonstration
Vokapi Demonstration

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