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The right skills and services for every project.

Using the combined expertise of our in-house team members and tried-and-trusted partners, we can bring your dream digital solution to life.

User research

This is the first step for many of our projects. User research focuses on discovering the needs, desires, motivations and trends of the people who will use your digital tool or product. With this service, we aim to gather information that will guide you in decision making for investing in a website, application or tool that benefits your customers or users.

- Interviews with users and/or stakeholders - User tests - Field observation - User journey - Identifying areas for improvement or what is currently working well


Using user experience best practices and pure creativity, our team can bring your dream digital product to life. Visual identity is just one part. Optimization for user interaction is another, and we focus as much on creating a positive experience as we do choosing the right colors and fonts.

- User Interface (UI) design - User Experience (UX) design - Visual design - Illustrations - Animations - Digital branding

Copywriting & content creation

A design without content is just an empty frame. Our team specializes in creating original content that captures the voice and tone of your company or product and gets customers/users to engage. If you need multiple languages, we work with trusted partners who transcreate from English to French, German and Italian.

- UI/UX copywriting - Headlines, blog posts, newsletters - Corporate language - Transcreation


An external perspective can go a long way in setting your project on the right path. Whether your team is building a website or app from scratch or you need help establishing a long-term vision, the storm team can lead workshops, consult on strategies for product development and offer advice for the big launch day and beyond.

- Conduct stakeholder interviews - Lead workshops and brainstorm sessions - Define content strategy for marketing - Data analytics and KPI measurements


To make ideas, design and content functional, you can rely on our developers who have experience with front-end and back-end development. They take care of the heavy lifting to ensure your digital product, website app or tool runs smoothly and creates a user experience that users actually enjoy.

- CMS (content management system) - Mobile and web applications - Professional platforms such as intranets - Interactive websites

Continuous improvements

We pride ourselves on being a partner you can count on for the long haul. Every client’s needs are different, but we always leave the door open to continued collaboration either for new products that build on the original product or support and maintenance.

- Reliable long-term partner - Continuous development based on feedback from users - Logical iteration - Technical support and maintenance