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storm creates positive digital experiences – for you and your users.

Our collaborations have taken us through the education and medtech industries. So we have extensive experience with projects whose end users are customers, clients, patients or students.



An e-learning app developed in-house.

vokapi is an e-learning mobile app that helps students in the Swiss Romandy ace their English language tests. The idea started when one of our team members created a very early version to help his dyslexic son practice English vocabulary in a way that worked for him.

Workshop, UX, design, development, mobile, education

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cAH - Centre André Henzelin

Behind the scenes of education, a tailored made intranet.

cAH (Centre André Henzelin), a naturopathy school based in Lausanne, understood the importance of a user-friendly, comprehensive platform that administrators, professors and students could access for course information. But they needed help creating something that worked for all three user groups. Enter storm. We designed and developed an intranet completely from scratch and made sure it did everything that all cAH stakeholders wanted it to.

Workshop, UX, design, development, intranet, education

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A web app to demonstrate quality to investors and customers.

storm was tasked with creating an app that was able to use raw data submitted to Pryv’s API and instantly display the raw data in real time on a secure responsive website. This high-frequency demonstration app was designed, developed and launched in a short timeframe and helped the client show its investors and potential clients the strength and usefulness of its advanced technology.

Workshop, UX, design, development, web app, eHealth

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Streamlining the application & admissions process.

The Ecole Professionnelle Supérieur de Naturopathie (EPSN) in Lausanne, home of Centre André Henzelin (cAH), is a contemporary naturopathy school that was in need of not only a new website (to go with the cAH intranet that storm created), but also a streamlined online application process for prospective students.

Workshop, UX, design, development, CMS, CRM, education

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