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Unique learning experiences to help everyone.

A team of experts in the digital field, design, development and pedagogy gathered in one place.






1. Consulting

We support you in the definition and implementation of your educational strategy, while respecting and supporting the development of your brand.

  • - digitalization strategy
  • - educational engineering
  • - LMS selection
  • - evaluation of the training systems

2. Instructional Design

Our team helps you design learning experiences adapted to your objectives, in a co-building logic. The effectiveness of pedagogical engineering is at the center of our interventions and we are committed to measuring the added value of our actions.

  • - Educational design
  • - User journey
  • - LMS and tool selection
  • - Training of Instructors

3. Content creation and production

We develop customized content for blended learning / e-learning based on technical (development, design, graphics, ergonomics) and pedagogical (mastery of the principles of face-to-face and distance learning) expertise.

  • - screenwriting
  • - production of custom content, activities, quizzes, gaming.
  • - online LMS and LCMS
  • - mobile application
  • - export in SCORM format

4. Training

We accompany your teachers in the development of their skills for remote animation. We help them to master the tools and modalities of distance communication.

5. Communication

We support you in the design and implementation of a communication plan around your courses.

  • - the visuals and branding of your platform
  • - the landing pages
  • - website
  • - SEO, SMO