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Stormer Illustration Stomer Illustration

The stormers integrate into your team – your goals and vision become ours.

We maintain our external perspective to ensure you see the project through the eyes of your users. Our stormers use human-centred thinking to innovate and implement a solution just for you.

Samantha Oberholzer

Copywriter English - German Biel, Switzerland
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Mathieu Latin

Web Developer French - English Lausanne, Switzerland

Vincent Gschwindemann

Designer French - English Lausanne, Switzerland
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Phuoc Nguyen

Web Developer French - Vietnamese Hanoi, Vietnam

Adrian Rast

Designer, Illustrator German - English Zurich, Switzerland

Michael Barbezat

Consultant, Project Manager French - English - German Lausanne, Switzerland
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Stéphane Goetz

Consultant, Software Architect French - English - German Lausanne, Switzerland
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