Innovative digital solutions for schools

Complement the 21st-century academic experience you offer with customized technology


We research, design and develop tools that bring your institute or program to the cutting-edge of digitalization.

Using our experience in the education industry and what we’ve learned while working with schools, we customize digital solutions for your specific needs, and the needs of your students, parents, teachers, admissions officers and/or administrators.

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Upgrade your existing platforms and enhance your school’s digital environments

Consider this an incomplete menu of what we can do for you:


Intranet & student portal

Using qualitative research collected through interviews with administrators, teachers and students, we can create a tailor-made intranet or student portal where users can see or post grades, keep track of attendance, publish course material and more.

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Online application process

Based on our experience, innovative online application journeys can save your school administrators time and ensure that applicants submit all the necessary information and documents. A streamlined application process, tailor-made for your school, can boost your reputation and make a solid first impression.

Online Application
Parent Portal

Parent portal

For international schools, ensuring that parents can stay involved in their child's education plays an important role in a student's academic success. We specialize in creating intuitive, well-researched tools that give parents insight into their child's progress and attendance.

Parent Portal

Games as learning tools

Take education to the next level with tools that students enjoy using and upgrade the hands-on learning opportunities you provide.

Meet real needs to do what users actually want

Storms bring with them a fresh start. The same goes for us. storm takes a new approach to designing and developing by starting with user interviews and creating something based on our discoveries.


Our first meeting with you is also our first user/stakeholder interview. We’ll get a sense of your needs, goals and pain points while kicking off the project. This saves you time and allows us to get started on a plan of action right away.


We hold more interviews with teachers, admins, students and parents to figure out what they struggle with, what they enjoy, what they feel is missing, and what could be improved.


We use this feedback to run workshops with stakeholders to define next steps in customizing your digital tools.

Protoypes and implementation

We use our internal design, development, coding and copywriting specialists to tailor your product using a design thinking approach.

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